Gemini Capital Managers

A Residential Mortgage Investment and Advisory Firm

Loan Sale Advisory

Gemini Capital Managers Loan Sale Advisory Division works with banks and funds to assist in the valuation and disposition of distressed assets. We have an extensive network of several thousand institutional buyers and active local real estate investors, giving us real-time insight into retail pricing for this asset class.

  • Valuation: Gemini will work with a seller to obtain current valuation of a loan portfolio and provide a loan level price range for assets based on the current market.
  • Due Diligence: Gemini can work with seller to create an action plan for selling a portfolio and obtain due diligence documents including Brokers Price Opinions (BPO), updated taxes and title reports.
  • Loan Sale Strategy
  • Bulk Sale: Gemini can act as exclusive loan sale advisor obtaining competitive bidding from our network of active buyers
  • Carve Outs: Gemini can leverage our network to find the best pricing execution for the seller by splitting a pool into tranches that best fit for specific buyers and buyer groups.
  • Individual loan sale: Gemini can market individual loans for sale to our network of note buyers.